Dove Hunt Special!

* Four-day Argentina dove hunt
( 8 hunts!)
* Minimum of 4 hunters
* Includes 1000 shells ($540 value)
* Only $1,800 per hunter!!!!

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Hunting Argentina

Hunting in Argentina

Hunting Argentina is like no other hunting experience on the globe. Argentina is one of the last great frontiers for dove, duck, goose, and big game hunters, offering generous limits and expansive views.


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Argentina Hunting Trips

Rancho Salvaje is your source for some of the finest hunting in Argentina. When it comes to planning your hunting trip, you want to go with a well-organized and experienced guide. Whether you’re after ducks, doves, or big game, Rancho Salvaje offers unsurpassed value with exceptional Argentina hunting trips.

About Rancho Salvaje

Rancho Salvaje has been outfitting hunting trips in Argentina for almost 30 years. Daniel Zanuso, the owner and operator, was born and raised in Argentina and is an avid hunter. Armed with knowledge of the land, the language, the people, and the prime hunting grounds, Daniel knows how to easily satisfy the unique taste of almost any hunter with personalized hunting trips.

Rancho Salvaje operates differently than other outfitters in Argentina. Daniel leases 20 ranches throughout the country, making it possible for hunters to take advantage of the diverse concentration of game on multiple sites. Because ducks and geese vary their flight patterns and are in the process of migrating during the hunting season, being mobile allows Rancho Salvaje to take the hunter to the bird instead of sitting and waiting for the bird to come to the hunter. Mobility is key and the diverse ranches leased by Rancho Salvaje provide some of the most predictable hunting in Argentina.

Why Hunting Argentina Makes Sense

Argentina has a stable political environment and a very favorable exchange rate. The US dollar goes a long way in Argentina. The people throughout the country are happy to see Americans, which is not always the case in other South American countries. The USA has a good relationship with Argentina and it shows in how the people there treat Americans. Argentina has a first-world economy that maintains western infrastructure standards for food and water quality. All the water supplies are safe, and the food is incredible.

Because of Argentina’s size and diversity of climates, farmers raise a wide range of crops. Corn, soy, wheat, maize, and sorghum attract large numbers of birds, making Argentina hunting trips unique and a great value for the money. Cotton, vegetable, and fruit production make great cover during the growing season, encouraging incredibly large numbers of doves, ducks, and geese. There is no arguing with the fact that Argentina dove hunting is some of the best in the world. The ducks, geese, and large game are not far behind. Rancho Savaje puts you in the best place to make sure your experience hunting in Argentina is one to remember… and one to repeat.

What Are You Waiting For? Hunt Argentina Today!

Look like fun? That’s because it is. Come spend a few days with us at Rancho Salvaje and then spend the next year dying to get back and do it all again. Feel free to contact us with the form on the left of this page or call Dr. Roger Goldberg at 561-347-1279. We’re waiting to make your next hunting trip the best you’ve ever had!