Dove Hunt Special!

* Four-day Argentina dove hunt
( 8 hunts!)
* Minimum of 4 hunters
* Includes 1000 shells ($540 value)
* Only $1,800 per hunter!!!!

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Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting in Argentina

Waves and Waves of Ducks

No, it’s not a dream. Duck hunting in Argentina is like no other duck hunt on the planet. Miles of grain fields, marshes, and potholes attract vast numbers of ducks that have never seen a hunter. These ideal conditions make our private ranches a place where multiple species of duck thrive during their annual migration patterns. At Rancho Salvaje, we know where to position you to have the best shot at taking Rosy-Billed Pochard, Red Shovelers, Brazilian Speckled Teal, Silver Teal (Cappuccino Teal) , Cinnamon Teal, White-Cheeked Pintail, Yellow-Billed Pintail, Black-Bellied Tree Duck, and Chiloe Widgeon. And we put you in the right position to be able to take your limit.

When it comes to hunting, Argentina has some of the best in the world. When it comes to duck hunting in Argentina, Rancho Salvaje is the place to be. Rancho Salvaje’s private duck marshes and ranches provide exclusive duck hunting in private blinds. We give you the individual attention you deserve and make sure you get action. Your Argentina duck hunt begins with a delicious breakfast before we load you up and drive you to nearby ponds. You can hunt alone or in pairs in duck blinds we provide and maintain. Your individual guide sets decoys, tends to your needs in the field, retrieves your ducks, and will help you carry those ducks back to the truck. While the walk is never far, a strap of 50 ducks gets heavy in a hurry.

Our duck hunting guides are knowledgeable and are willing to teach you just about everything they know about Argentina duck hunting. By the time you’ve finished your first hunt, you’ll think you are a duck hunting expert. Our duck hunting guides have spent years, in most cases, learning, watching, and predicting where the ducks will be on a given day. We have some of the very best hunting Argentina has to offer, and the duck hunting in Argentina is nothing shy of spectacular.


Taking Ducks of Argentina Home

One of the most common requests in Argentina duck hunting is for handling the ducks carefully enough so that they can be stuffed. It’s easy to understand how hunters want to take home these beautiful ducks to display on their wall or mantle. Our experienced guides can skin and prepare these beautiful birds for your taxidermist at home, taking care not to damage the feathers.

The Silver Teal, Red Shoveler, and Chiloe Widgeon are incredible mounts next to their cousins from the north. You can also shoot for the pintail trifecta, so called because it’s made up of the North American Pintail and two pintail ducks common to Argentina (White-Cheeked Pintail and Yellow-Billed Pintail). The three species of ducks create a fantastic display any duck hunter will appreciate. These three birds represent all species of American pintails and make an impressive mount sure to draw comments and questions. Just be sure to send your friends to Rancho Salvaje on their next Argentina duck hunting trip!

Duck Hunting in July

In all of God’s infinite wisdom he saw fit to put duck season in Argentina in the middle of summer in the northern hemisphere. Duck hunting in Argentina spans four months, with the season lasting from May until August, when temperatures are generally between 35 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. How’s that for a break from theheat?

Never suffer from post-duck season depression again. Instead, book your trip now, and end January looking forward to a spectacular Argentina duck hunting trip smack in the middle of the summer!

Argentina Duck Hunting Season

The 2009 duck hunting season in Argentina has been extraordinary, yet again! We are duck hunting in the Buenos Aires and La Pampa provinces of Argentina and have incredible numbers of ducks. We are one of the few outfitters who can almost guarantee that you can kill your limit in minutes. We love to use freshly-killed ducks to prepare for you a gourmet lunch featuring the incredible wines of Argentina. After feasting on the morning’s kill, you can take it easy, have a nice nap, and then head back out for an afternoon hunt for dove, perdiz, pigeon, wild boar, and other big game animals.

The Argentina duck hunting season runs from May to August. The daily bag limit is 35 ducks.